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Rescue 1 Marine Services

EST. 1990

Any Sea Any time....


Todays Date : June 1 1995


Around the Clock around the world....

A full Service Marine salvage and repair company headquartered on the beautiful Island of St Thomas USVI with locations across the globe to serve your needs.

Some of those Services Include:




*Dry Dock



*Design and Construction

+ Much more if you need it Just ask


St Thomas Weather: Sunny and 81F

Courtesy of The national Weather Service..

Updates From Proprietor : Chance Blackwell 

Hello everyone my name is Chance Blackwell and I am excited to bring you updates via this amazing new technology called the internet. Here I will bring you news and info (as I get time) about happenings around Rescue 1.

*** Lots of funny things going on at Rescue 1 today. We are seeing horrible storms across the globe, the National Weather Service is reporting a serious storm vortex in the Sargasso sea. I do have good news from our shipyards in South Carolina the new tug Charlotte Amalie is nearing completion...

*Captain Tigie of the Rescue Vacations catamaran reports that reservations are up this quarter

*Some storm last night, we have two ships aground to save today..

Wedding plans are coming along nicely, we will be returning to my home state of Indiana for the ceremony.. did anyone catch that re-run of Seinfeld last night, cracked me up "These Pretzels are making me thirsty".....

*Thanks to the efforts of engineer John "dusty" Smith we managed to raise the U-boat from the harbor, after a survey we feel she can be saved and is currently headed to the dry dock for repair and refit.

*My fiancée former GNN correspondent Sheryl Best has decided to scare me by taking up sky diving--She also decided now she has her helicopter certification she is taking fixed wing flying lessons, ugh her driving is bad enough....... Did I tell you she dinged my new Viper......

*Looking at honeymoon options, I want to visit filming locations for The Romero flick Dawn of The Dead, my fiancée is thinking a ski trip.... Ah soon to be married life...

*We worked with the Coast Guard today on drug interdiction, always glad to help stop the cartel thugs--getting to be a real problem.

Leaving to pick up the tug in South Carolina today, more updates when we return.

Good morning all, my associate Brad and I have just returned from a trip empty handed and had to leave the tug behind, serious bummer. My Fiancée managed to scare the hell out of me today. I have faced danger across the world and never batted an eye but bring a woman into my life and I am going to end up grey.......BTW  If your looking for a place to skydive don't go to Phoenix School..... Guy's totally a putz..

     OK OK rant over I need to go pack....

** Ok so my wedding was blown away but we are all safe and sound back on the island and planning the  wedding .......

** The new and battled hardened Tug Salvage Warrior has been ferried down from the Carolina's I offered her command to my good friend and former CO Dwight Beckum but he says he will grow old in the Coast Guard... I have another captain in mind if she will take the position.... 

****After our wedding, Brad, Sheryl and I will be looking into a obsession of mine. Might need to make a trip to Ireland.....

***After everything that's happened with the Storm Vortex where do we go on a honeymoon? I might have an idea. Sheryl has hers too, guessing she will win? 

Commander Beckum just received word my mini sub the Butterfly was found washed ashore on the coast of a Carolina island, seems strange but glad it was found. Having it shipped here for repairs, never know when it may come in handy again. 

**** The U4004 has been raised and is now in dry-dock for repairs but the unique power plant is destroyed. Brad and Gill Smith are working to rebuild it, could change sea travel forever.. 

**** After a lengthy and awkward phone conversation with my dad, The Connie is now a member of the Rescue 1 Fleet after a refit, perhaps a few mods are in order... 

**** Jet shopping to replace the Cessna Citation but nothing is catching my eye... 

****The person I had in mind for Master of the Salvage Warrior has accepted the position and there will be a big ceremony in the near future, hope there are no mishaps.. 

***I still cant find anything on my desk since Brad cleaned it.. 

***Stopped into the local Café this morning for breakfast and overheard two conspiracy nuts talking about a Global pandemic happening one day that would change everything--ya like that would really happen with modern medicine.... They were also talking about some Y2k thing as well.. anybody ever hear of that? 

**** I am not much on all this technology, the internet is a cute toy but seems to be a colossal time waster...

**** We had a great time in Mexico despite being a bit shook up and our Re-wedding was fantastic.. 

**** For some reason I have really been wanting Doughnuts lately, its almost as if it's being willed on me. Maybe I better go find Beckum and have one with him... 


 Just Received word that the new venture Rescue Vacations has had an incident on the reef at turtle island....... Not sure what happened but Tigie just called and said "it was truly Dread mon" ... 


My Wife Sheryl finally has Her Chopper license and has ben accumulating hours by ferrying choppers to Puerto Rico for maintenance at our facility there. She has also managed to help some folks along the way showing her metal as a member of Rescue 1 but that is a story all in its own.. 


  Good Day all .... Shhh its Brad Long here along with commander Beckum and we decided to hijack this Deal here that Chance had been doing on the computer. (after I took a scoop shovel to his desk) only back a short time and its already a foot deep in mess.. How can he accumulate it so fast.. If your wondering why Beckum is with me ... well he is here to give me a ride, to the airport for a test flight old blue has the vapors .... OK its Beckums Turn..


 Good morning,

             Today at point Charlie we will be inviting all local boaters in for a safety demonstration and encourage everyone to participate for the safety of all... We will also be conducting drills aboard the Manitowoc  to prepare for storm evacuations... Brad just nudged me and said to say something funny about Chance umm : One time while under my command he over slept for his duty watch and after I gave him a strong verbal reprimand I made him wash my car for a week. Each day I would go out of my way to travel down a dirt road to make it extra dusty .. Safe Boating....


         This is Brad again, if you could only see the look on my face as I watch Beckum type.. wait I have an idea my current face at Beckum --->   :-( there almost need some sort of small picture or symbol to reflect this .... Perhaps one day they will develop a system of pictures.. if this internet thing ever gets big but to me seems like some sort of time waster...


This is Candy everyone, I have interjected and kicked Brad and Beckum off of here to settle the argument.. OK OK truth is they were called away and left it up and running I I wanted a turn, Life here at RESCUE 1 is so amazing, the people and the culture is like no other. I have never had a cross word with anyone.... well except a pushy vending machine guy a while back but he didn't actually work here so it doesn't really count. I am not sure what else to say so that's it for now... 


    Hello dere peoples, Dis be Tigie the crazy Jamaican captain of the Banana Peal, The risky one asked me to stop by and do dis thing here called da internet. Not sure what to say but everything is Irie here.. We love St Thomas, de island be a as righteous as the Risky one. Cool running's all...


The USS Stack first ship built by Blackwell Mercantile LTD circa 1800

In memory of the Betty Lou and her crew lost six months ago..

Special thanks to Thomas Island Communications and AOL for making this speedy dial up internet possible. Not so many thanks to Microsoft for Windows 95 I think 3.1 was better..  

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