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In this section you will find:

*Hidden information from my books

*Bonus scenes

*Background information on your favorite characters (includig secrets)

*sneek peeks of future projects

Check back often you never know when I will update!

Caution Spoilers...............

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Like most writers I  set my books in a universe that has rules defined in my terms. Although I am writing more than one series and all set in different times each of my story's are connected in some way can you find it?

In my  series Rescue 1 its noted that someone in Chance's life was put there by the C.O.R.E can you figure out who it is?

 A hint on my recent trip to Ireland one of the locations I stopped at will play a vital part in the fourth Rescue 1 Book.

Each book of the Rescue 1 series is like a box of cracker Jack, inside you will find a mystery prize (hints at future story lines).

My Publisher is Awesome.... Pen it Publications LLC.... 

On this very site you will find a section marked not only is it a fun look back to 90's internet but a real time glimpse into the world of rescue 1, lots of hints always cropping up about future story lines. 

I am planning a series of spin offs to Rescue 1 

Sheryl is modeled after my real life  wife...

The end of every book I write will connect you to the next...

I work tirelessly to create you the best story ever, but did you know that Sheryl's Dad is..... ( maybe later)

Did you know that a good deal of Chances life Mirrors my own? For example, I am an avid Scuba Diver holding all but two PADI Certs. Did you also know I am an award wining Photographer? How about that I was once a popular Radio Personality... Athena says hi......


The pix on this page contain story hints.....

Did you know that until recently I was a motivational speaker teaching positive mental outlook. 

Spoiler Alert.... The Proposal at the end of Rescue 1 Mirrors my real life proposal including the response Sheryl Gave.

Although I share a lot on social media much of my life especially my past is kept secret. Ever wonder why?....

My wife and I grew up seven miles apart and yet didn't meet until our 20s'

Buy My Books.....

My favorite food is not Doughnuts but in fact is Pizza...

In the 90's I drove the same Dodge truck as Chance. but it was blue and silver.

The sailboat "Enigma" was real.....

Sheryl's sister Kate in the Rescue 1 books is nothing like the real life sister to my wife.

Like Chance Blackwell adventure and action (sometimes disaster) seems to follow me wherever I go. For example: Just after I proposed to my wife we were riding horses on St Thomas and my horse spooked taking me on a harrowing ride along a steep cliff. 

As in  Storm Vortex My real life wedding was Destroyed by a Tornado and we were forced to re-plan our wedding at 2 am using the remnants... I guess you could say we have a Weathered Relationship.

The Re-wedding in Storm Vortex Mirrors our ten year Vow Renewal....

Miranda was pattered after a friend of mine from Collage who after immigrating from Russia is now a top meteorologist at NOAA .....  

My Real life Brother in-law makes an appearance in Storm Vortex..

Storm Vortex has a scene Dedicated to my now past Favorite Author Clive Cussler...

The Doppler  was inspired by a You Tube Channel Called Sailing Aquarius

if you haven't figured it out The manager of the Hamilton Ship yard in Storm Vortex is the son of the Characters from my first book Off Course..

Agent Vernon Hill is a relative of Captain Hill From Off Course and will be coming back in the Next Rescue one book......

I helped Restore and have driven the 66 Hertz Mustang from Storm Vortex

The Grand National in Storm Vortex is a real car and holds many records to date! 

I think that Dunkin Doughnuts should sponsor me... Email them and ask for me...

I love to play in the snow but hate cold weather, I get frostbite looking at ice floating in a glass...

I am a huge George Romero Zombie Film fan,(long before it was popular I might add)  I have even been to the infamous Monroeville Mall and several other filming locations...

Speaking of Zombie films I wonder when my Friend Chuck Hartzel and the rest of the Crewless group are going to put out the next Hide and Creep film, ya left us hanging with a Few Zombies more.. 

Speaking of the film Hide and Creep I have been to the Dari Delight in Thorsby Alabama and wow what a great place to get ice-cream ... yum!! 

Agent Vernon Hill from The Rescue 1 series is getting his own book soon and perhaps even his own series..

The Diabolical Sanchez from Rescue 1 is based from a former collogue by the name of (classified) who works for the CIA and in real life is a very good person.. 

I am thinking of creating either a spin of set of books or a collection of short story's called Rescue 1 Stories, all featuring  side adventures of each character or more in depth back stories.... 

Another real life parallel between Chance and I, in Storm vortex Chance drove his 79 dodge ram 250 Snow commander  that he had since high school then rolled it. during a chase... That was based off of my first truck except mine was blue and when I rolled mine it was due to a broken tie rod not crazy Russians... 

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Our Mexican vow renewal that inspired the ending of Storm Vortex...

The Real Enigma... My 1976 South Coast SC22
Just after our real proposal Atop Paradise point ST Thomas USVI, the same day I came up with Rescue 1

Me Just Horsing around.....

Gratuitous Doughnut Shot.... 

Real life people that inspired Character's in my books 

My beautiful amazing wife the real life inspiration for Rescue 1's Sheryl Best.....

2012-07-10 10-53-15 - 0027.JPG
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IMG_5828 (2).jpg
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Sam Colalillo Jr.  and his Strip ready

Buick Grand National from

Storm Vortex


Sam Colalillo's Buick Grand National as Featured in Storm Vortex....

Tony Colalillo AKA "Choppo" from Epicenter and the Trucker in the opening scene of Storm Vortex...  


Doctor Julius Sitjar MD AKA Doctor "J" in the coming book "The Specialist"


The  Amel  Super Marmu "Aquarius" Inspiration for
Storm Vortex's "Doppler"

Ken and Zivile Powers The Crew Of the real Aquarius and in Storm Vortex

Nikki and Bob Shoemaker From Storm Vortex

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