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Deleted and extended Scenes.. 

Dear Reader:

       In this section you will find scenes I took out in the editing process or started and went in another direction. Note that they might not be complete or have been edited for spelling punctuation and grammar as you would see in the published book. Think of it as raw footage from the extra section of a DVD and enjoy. I have a great deal of this tucked away so I will be adding it on a regular bases so come back often.. .

Off Course


Sheryl Best, on GNN 

Scene Synopsis:

            Originally, I considered this as a way to introduce chance then I toyed with using this as a flashback scene during the award ceremony but decided it was better left to the imagination. In this cut it explains the reason Chance is given an award for Saving the governor and also served to illustrate the Governors poor choices and weak moral fiber...

            Like most days in the US Virgin Islands the weather at noon was muggy and hot but the sky was clear. Chance Blackwell couldn’t have a care in the world as he zipped in and out of traffic on his sleek red and black Kawasaki zx-9r motorcycle.  The ninja is the latest toy in his collection. Chance loved to sneak away from the office at his Marine Salvage business Rescue 1 and clear his mind by tearing around the island to clear his mind.

            Chance’s hazel eyes scanned the road from behind the visor of his full-face Helmut as the sun glinted from its black surface. Rounding the corner near the Morning star Resort the traffic began to thin as he left civilization behind.  Downshifting he twisted the throttle and the high strung 900cc engine let out a roar from its exhaust. The bike surged ahead and passed the last of the cars leaving Blackwell all to himself as he wound around the narrow road that followed high above the coast. Chance twisted the throttle causing a wide grin to form on his lips as he felt the acceleration rush through his body—despite the adrenaline rush he felt calm and clear.

            As Chance was enjoying his moment Just off shore Edward Sangster Stood at the helm of his twenty-four foot Bayliner cabin cruiser with a half empty bottle of scotch in his hand trying to drowned out the world as he often did hoping in vein to feel that same sensation. Sangster looked at the bottle in his hand, making a tinge of self-loathing hit. In the past he was mostly a tea totterer but since taking office as the Islands governor he found himself turning into an alcoholic. It started Small a drink at the end of the day to unwind then at work here and there to keep the pressure off but then from there things mounted and he had become an accomplished drunk.

            The thought sickened the once morale man then again, most things in politics seemed to do the same. He wanted to quit but knew he couldn’t—the sad truth is in politics you must make deals to get in office and once you do they own you. Tears began to well in his eyes and he looked down at the bottle in his hand.  Anger welled up inside him as he stared blankly at the Black and gold label on the bottle. The boat hit a small wave causing Sangster to snap back to realty and look out at the sea ahead.

            Panic struck as he realized he was headed towards a large shoal.  Through his liquor blurred brain he strained to react but it was to late the boat glanced off the rocks causing him to fall away from the wheel and down into the front cabin leaving him sprawled out unconscious. The boat continued on then struck a second large rock launching it in the air. Coming down hard the bow dug in and snapped sideways hit another wave rolled to port and capsized. The propeller now above the water clawed at the air with its loud exhaust screaming until the inverted motor final stalled leaving only the sound of the waves and gurgling air as the small vessel quickly sank taking is only passenger trapped in a small air bubble to the bottom.

            Seconds before the road ahead of Chance was growing curvier causing Chance to slow down and killing off the adrenaline rush. The only other vehicle in sight was a cabin cruiser running full tilt just off shore ahead of him. Suddenly a game formed in his mind. The boat was slower than Chances bike but it traveled in a straight line.  The next intersection is about a mile up could he beat it there?  Chance downshifted and the RPMs’ on the bike climbed. Using his mass he began moving on the seat to keep the bike on the road as he negotiated the tight turns.

            The wind at that speed would keep the sticky Caribbean heat at bay but not today Chance was sweating bullets from the stress of the race. Chance was hyper aware and focused as the boat drew near. At the next corner he closed the distance enough he could make out the man poised behind the helm. Studying his opponent he lost focus and the bikes back tire slipped a bit when he cut the corner to short and the rubber met the loose gravel of the berm. Chance reacted in time and avoided a crash but it cost him the boat had once again taken the lead.

            With the intersection finish line coming fast Chance went for it and caught the boat once more. Chance could taste the victory, as his bike came parallel to the boat but then Chance pulled on the break and slowed the bike. His eyes blazed with anticipation as he realized the boat was going to hit the rocks ahead.

            Second’s past and the boat glanced off of the first rock but then turned into another from the impact. It all seemed to happen in slow motion. The boat tumbled from the rock and hit the sea causing a great splash. Chance lost the boat in the disrupted water and when it subsided the boat and the man at the helm were no place to be found. Only an area of white bubbles coming up from the bottom and a few loose items floating in the water.

            Thinking fast Chance turned off onto a foot path leading to the beach near the accident.  The narrow smooth tires on the Kawasaki dug into the soft sugar sand and the sporty bike struggled to navigate the treacherous path. After negotiating a steep down grade, the bike tore across the short strip of sand and its front tire dug in when he pulled the brake handle bringing the ride to a halt ten feet from the water’s edge. Chance jumped off the bike letting it fall over and tore off his Helmut and tossed it aside.

Most Sunken watercraft Belch air for some time after going down so he scanned the aqua blue surface until the locked on a spot where the water was gurgling. Kicking off his shoes he sprinted to the water--his legs splashed into the small rolling waves until the water reached his chest and dove under. Swimming with all his mite he quickly arrived over the boat. Using the distance from shore and Knowing the area he estimated the water below him to be around eighteen feet or so—Easy pickings for an experienced diver like Chance..

            Taking several deep breaths and holding the last he arched his body and left the surface diving down into the water. Things were blurry with no dive mask and the salt water burned his eyes but Chance could see well enough to make out the white hull of the boat below him. The Craft was upside down but had parched partially on a rock leaving a gap between the sand and the stern. A small pile of rocks was the only thing blocking his way so he quickly cleared it but was out of air and returned to the surface.


After taking a moment to recharge the oxygen in his body he once again plunged into the depths.  With the Rocks gone he easily passed under the transom and he carefully moved under the stricken vessel—happy to find an air pocket.

            Chance pulled himself into the refuge and took in a few breaths.  A little light filtered in from a side window but the compartment was still dark and he couldn’t really make out anything but shapes. So, he began to grope around until he felt a human leg and followed it until he found a head of a man that was thankfully above the water. The man let out a small groan and chance asked  "Hello, are you ok sir, you have been in an accident?”

            The man coughed and grumbled a feeble "What Accident?” The Governor rubbed his face and came around a bit “yes, I believe so?"

            As the man spoke Chance realized that he could smell alcohol on his breath. He shook the man, "are you alone or are there others with you?"

            The man let out a small belch and shook his head no, then spoke aloud "I am alone just me myself and I. Hey buddy did you see a bottle of scotch someplace I could really use a drink to kill this dam headache."

            Chance frowned in disgust, "no you have had quite enough. Come on we need to get out of here, now!"

            In a groggy tone the man replied "hey now you can talk to me like that I am the Governor."

Chance ignored the remark and moved the man closer to the water. Still holding him upright he asked, "ok mister Governor can you swim or at least hold your breath?"

            The governor stiffened at the question. "Why do you ask that of me, where am I?"

            Chance relaxed his grip and replied in a very cold tone, "You're in a capsized boat many feet under the water and if we don’t get moving its where you will die so can you get it together or not?"

            The realization caused Sangster to sober up some and he nodded, "Ya I can hold my breath and swim but as buzzed as I am I won't be able to find my way out."

            Chance put his hand on the governor’s shoulder, "Leave that to me all you need to do is hold your breath and let me lead."

            "Ok Mister, um who are you anyway?"

            "I am Chance Blackwell, now let's go."

 The governor gave no argument and the two men moved to the door. Chance felt down the governor’s person until he came to his waste and found a leather belt. He took it off and looped it over the governor’s wrist. "Chance spoke as if he were lecturing a child, "Ok take several deep breaths to hyperventilate yourself then on the last one head in the water. Once outside the door go to the stern there is an opening there and I will follow you. From there I will take you away from the boat and up. Remember to let out a little air as we head up so your lungs don’t expand and pop"

            The governor nodded and began to draw in the stale air of the cabin.  A moment later he sucked in a deep breath and held it. He then plowed into the water like a buffalo on a stampede. Chance quickly followed and once outside the hatch he moved next to his counterpart. He pulled the governor to the open sea and away from the boat. Once clear he wrapped his arm around the large man and started kicking to the surface. Seconds later their heads came above the water.

            Both men gulped in the air to replenish their body’s. Chance Wrapped his arm around the neck of the governor and drug him towards the beach. A few minutes later they both lay in a heap on the sand. All the exertion and adrenaline had sobered the Governor a great deal.

            Chance looked at his ward and "asked so are you really the governor?"

The man gained his composure back nodded and stuck out his hand, " Governor Edward Sangster, but I think for now Just Ed will do since you saved my life. Both men grinned.  "So how does one repay another for saving his life?"

            Chance frowned and anger flashed in his eyes, "you could start by not drinking and boating."

            "Done, I think this was a wakeup call for me to quit. Anything else, perhaps a favor, how about that permit for the private airstrip you were after?"

            Chance Shook his head, "No that’s not how I work I prefer to do things on the up and up. How about we just call it even with the drinking?"

            "Deal but you will always have a favor with me if you need it. Speaking of Favor may I ask yet another in your silence on the matter, I would be out of a job in a week if it did."

            Chance scratched his head and gave a direct look at Sangster, "Ok but I had better never see you drinking again?"

            The governor held up two fingers "Scout’s honor, now how did you get here?"

            Chance pointed to his bike laying in the sand to his right. "On that--why?"

            Giving the smile that got him elected Sangster laughed and boldly stated, "Well I need a ride and you seem like a good designated driver."

            The serious look melted from Chance’s face and they both erupted into laughter.  A few minutes later they were loaded up and heading down the road to Sangster's house.  Chance pulled in the drive and stopped.

            Opening the visor on his Helmut he spoke to Sangster "all ashore."

            Sangster climbed off and put his hand on Chance’s shoulder, "Thank you again for everything, I really do owe you and if you ever need anything you name it."

            Chance nodded "You take care Ed, I will see you around." Sangster nodded and moved back. Chance closed the visor on is Helmut and banked the bike around then pulled out onto the road and took off towards home.   As he pulled away the Governor thought to himself 'there goes a dam fine man, he deserves an award and a parade for his actions.' The thought gave Sangster an idea, he gave a devilish grin and walked inside……

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