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High stakes explosive action , where nothing is as it seems.


In the normally quiet waters surrounding the Caribbean Island of St Thomas, a blood thirsty gang of pirates mysteriously moves in and starts leaving a trail of carnage in their wake. Then they take down a patrol boat leaving the Coast Guard at a loss on how to track down and stop them. In desperation a determined commander reluctantly decides to call on a former bane in his side to help.


             After leaving the Coast Guard Howard “Chance” Blackwell has found success in starting his own global Marine salvage company RESCUE 1. After a savage yacht explosion leads to a heroic rescue by Blackwell and his team, he returns to find his former commanding officer asking for help in tracking down the pirates. To complicate matters a bossy reporter from his past shows up with her own secret agenda and romantic sparks fly.

            After the pirates kill one of Blackwell's tug crews he and his friends set off determined to take them down. While searching an uninhabited island they stumble on an old Nazi sub base and are caught by the pirates learning that nothing is what it seems. The sleazy pirate leader reveals that they are actually working for a secret ancient order known as the C.O.R.E. that is looking for a weapon left behind by the Germans after World War II to use as a part of a larger plan to reshape the world.

            The pirates set off to test the weapon on the people of St Thomas marooning Chance and the others on the island. With the clock ticking can they escape in time to stop the test and thwart the plans of the C.O.R.E. to save the day?

Are you ready for an action packed World War II adventure on the high seas?
Ignoring the war raging on around him twenty something loaner Dax Wilber spends most days trying to avoid responsibility. Wilber suddenly finds himself thrown from a simple life driving truck in New Guinea to commanding an allied spy vessel carrying top secret cargo. As if operating a ship with no experience in the Japanese infested Pacific waters wasn’t bad enough, he also must contend with being hunted by a crazed German U-boat captain! Along the way he finds himself on a journey of self discovery further complicated by falling in love. Aided by a scientist, a castaway and a Japanese traitor, Dax is forced to navigate a treacherous path in order to avoid capture and get home safe. From the mind of Author Truman J. Beaver comes a page turning edge of your seat action thriller where self discovery, romance, and espionage all collide to form Off Course.

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The Next Chapter in my exciting Rescue 1 Series



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