Welcome to my BLOG where I Blast you with random things from my mind!!! 


Hello everyone, welcome to my blog... I will be putting all kinds of things here offering you incite to my crazy life and imaginative overthinking brain. I may be droping a hint or to about books stuff as well you never know! Keep reading to find out what I may put on here next! 


So here we go my first blog post. What a year we are having so many things going on but despite distraction I have stayed my course. Lately I have been working on back to back Rescue 1 projects and as soon as we can get past covid I will get Storm Vortex on the shelf.

     For those of you reading R1, be patient the story will be taking some major evolutionary turns going forward.  In the next book we will find out a little more about the Dastardly core and its plans for the world. We will me a new character that will eventually have his own series, we will also get closer to knowing who in Chance's circle is a core member. In the second book Storm Vortex we are going to see Sheryl start to find herself  after her life was blown up. 

     Outside of Rescue 1 I have a few one off books in the works and not once but two new hot series coming along. 

        BTW We hope to get going on signings again soon now that the lock downs are coming to an end. I had several public events planned for this year from speaking engagements conferences school visits and signings but for now all are on hold.


        That's it for this session, going to go get some writing done have a great day! 



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